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Deer Photobombs a Baby Photo Shoot, and a Magical Portrait is Born



A photographer in Louisiana recently shot a baby photo that was a lot more magical than she had planned. In the middle of the outdoor photo shoot, a curious deer decided to wander into the shot to see what was going on. The photobomb resulted in a remarkable and memorable portrait.

Back on October 20th, photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography did a portrait shoot for a 1-month-old boy named Connor in Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana.

As Connor slept peacefully on a stack of hay surrounded by pumpkins, a young deer showed up. It was Maggie, a deer who was hand fed when she was young. Comfortable with people, Maggie is known for showing up during photo shoots held in the park.


Connor’s mom, Tiffany Gill Rogers, shot this video of the friendly deer stepping into the frame:

Here’s the portrait that Rion captured with the deer in the background:


Rion says that Maggie has a reputation for being a good sport when it comes to photo shoots, and the photographer has even created a Facebook album with portraits that feature appearances by Maggie.

“She has a reputation for it and parents even request that she come to shoots, but I let them know there’s no guarantee.” Rion tells Yahoo Parenting.

Image credits: Photographs by Megan Rion/Imagine That Photography and used with permission