How to Make DIY Anti-Fog Inserts for Your GoPro with Paper Towel

If you want to prevent your GoPro lens from fogging up when you’re in cold and humid environments, GoPro sells Anti-Fog Inserts that you can stick into your camera case. If you’d rather not pay $15 for 4-use inserts, you can actually make some makeshift anti-fog inserts for yourself using some paper towel strips.

Ho Stevie!, the creator of the GoPro Mouth Mount, published the short 3-minute video tutorial above showing how it’s done.

All you need to do is cut some paper towel into 3-inch strips, roll up the strips into little rectangles, and then insert those rectangles into the gaps in your GoPro’s case.




Voila! The paper towel inserts should help keep your lens clear of fog, and they’re incredibly cheap and easy to replace after they’re used.

(via Ho Stevie! via ISO 1200)

Image credits: Video and still frames by Ho Stevie!