The Card Board: A Stop-Motion Short Made with Four Days of Photos

YouTube star Ryan Higa recently decided to parody the popularity of “hover boards” that have been flooding the consumer market. In the creative “infomercial” and stop-motion video above, he throws aside an expensive ‘FloBoard’ to find more fun with the cardboard box itself.

Watch the result of Higa and his team taking four days to craft an epic stop motion that transforms a simple piece of cardboard into a true hover board, a jetpack, and even a fighting robot. The stop motion fun begins at 2:20.

Ryan Higa has also posted the behind-the-scenes video on his alternative YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Filled with bloopers and his crew falling off a collection of FloBoards, you can see just what it takes to create a piece of stop motion action. Hint: Lots of retakes, caffeine, and sore muscles are involved in the process: