The Red List Lets You Study the Work of the Greatest Photographers

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Photography is an art; by looking upon past examples, we can not only learn to improve our own technique, but also to study and appreciate times before ours. However, with the first photograph taken almost two-hundred years ago, it can be difficult to find a place to start. Enter, The Red List: a website with over 100,000 images that continues to cull the world of photography to find the very best images.

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The Red List is ‘designed as a trend book and a source of inspiration’ for the visual arts. It’s a free and not-for-profit effort, and the collection is created by ‘passionate experts’ within their respective fields. Categories of photos include, nude & body, existentialism, social documentary, unusual concept, and more.

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The Red List chooses their own photographs and feels no pressure based on a particular artist’s name or stature. Best of all, The Red List encourages users to send in contributions and suggestions to help build the collection.

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Check out The Red List for yourself if you’d like a dose of curated photography inspiration. While you’re there, you can also take a dive into other fields such as the fine arts, film, graphic design, furniture design, architecture, set design, fashion, and muses.

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