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This App Shoots VHS-Quality Video on Your iPhone



If you want to shoot “vintage” photos with your iPhone, there are apps like Instagram. If you’d like to do the same thing with video, there’s a new app for that called VHS Camcorder. It turns your iPhone into a 1985 camcorder, allowing you to shoot VHS-quality footage that’ll give you a pang of nostalgia that takes you back three decades.

“It’ll look that way when you record and send lots of old, messed up-looking videos to your friends,” the app’s maker, Rarevision, writes. “They’ll swear you invented a time machine: ‘OMG, how’d you shoot that?'”


Videos pop out of VHS Camcorder looking like they’ve spent the past 30 years in a storage locker. The app has real-time preview that lets you degrade the picture by dragging your finger around or by shaking your iPhone (or iPad).

Features of the app include: the most accurate VHS simulation available (with tape noise, static, and tracking distortion), on-screen date and time graphics, a phony zoom lens, easy sharing, a built-in viewer, widescreen, your choice of frame rate (24/25/30), and HD resolution.



Here’s a sample clip captured by Drew Olanoff of TechCrunch:

Here’s another sample clip by reporter Rich DeMuro of the news station KTLA 5 in SoCal:

You can purchase VHS Camcorder for $4 over in the iTunes App Store for your own blast from the past.

(via VHS Camcorder via TechCrunch)