This HD Video of New York City from 1993 is Hard to Fathom

You may not realize it, but you probably unconsciously date video footage based on the resolution. The higher the definition, the newer you assume the footage is, which is why this HD video of New York City recorded in 1993 just looks strange.

This App Shoots VHS-Quality Video on Your iPhone

If you want to shoot "vintage" photos with your iPhone, there are apps like Instagram. If you'd like to do the same thing with video, there's a new app for that called VHS Camcorder. It turns your iPhone into a 1985 camcorder, allowing you to shoot VHS-quality footage that'll give you a pang of nostalgia that takes you back three decades.

How to Make DSLR Footage Look Like an Old VHS

Before getting on a plane for a vacation in Monaco recently, I knew that I wanted to do something different from the previous ‘holiday highlight’ videos that I've done before. We were only in Monaco for a few days and despite having an amazing time, the footage I got wasn't particularly exciting. I decided that I probably wouldn't end up doing anything with it unless I thought of an 'edge'.

Then I had an idea: to play off of the absurdity of how lavish the few highlights I caught on camera would look when strung together and make the video akin to the zeitgeist defining 80s pop music videos I've always loved (see Duran Duran - Rio).