The Volta is an iPhone 6 Battery Case That Doubles as a Ring Light


The folks over at Seaport Digital have released the Volta battery Power Station and Ring Light case for Apple iPhone 6 devices. Powered by an internal 3800mAh battery, the Volta can charge your smartphone when needed via an attachable lighting cable… or it can act as a handy ring light to brighten your subject in dimly-lit situations. Of course, we won’t judge you if you choose to make it your personal selfie light.


Since the ring light’s shape is dictated by the form of your smartphone, the Volta will produce a rectangular reflection within your subject’s eyes when shooting portraits. The LEDs within the case provide a color temperature of 5600K, meaning that it is in the same temperature range as most other electronic flashes. The unit’s max illumination power of 756 Lux/m can be adjusted to seven different brightness levels and will run for four continuous hours.


If you wish to charge your device, just connect your iPhone to the case via the included miniature lighting cable and be at full battery within three hours. When you have completely sucked the juice out of the Volta, you can have it charged up and running in 4.5 hours. Just be sure not to forget the included cable! Although not stated, we imagine that other devices could also we charged via the case’s 5v output.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.05.08 PM copy

You can currently pick up the Volta iPhone 6 Battery Power Station and Ring Light case in either black or white for $60. An iPhone 6 Plus variation of the case is currently available for preorder at a price tag of $65 – there is no increase in battery capacity, however.

(via Seaport Digital via CheesyCam)