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Ceremony is Another Crowdsourced Wedding Photo Aggregation App



It is not a new notion to challenge the need for pro photographers in the 21st century when just about everyone has a smartphone and a high-resolution camera in their pocket. Just last year, Facebook released a video asking “Why have one photographer when can have a hundred?”. Now, a new application called Ceremony is looking to help collect all of your favorite moments by crowdsourcing images from the guests at your party.


The idea is simple, set up a custom event within the Ceremony app and then have your friends and family download the Android or iOS app to join the event. Your guests can then capture images at the party and have them collected into one extensive collection. Guests choose to upload the photos at the end of the event where they are then stored on Ceremony’s servers.


After the event, the bride and groom can browse through the collection of photographs and opt to download them in full resolution for a one-time $5 fee. If you don’t want to shell out any money, you can still utilize the application, but you won’t be able to create custom event codes or download full resolution photos.

Only one review is currently on the app store, so we don’t want to place a bet on how genuine it may be, but the reviewer states that the “app is a must for any event” and that she loved using it for her recent wedding. Interestingly enough, the showcased photographs for the application look like they were “professionally shot” rather than captured via smartphone.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.59.31 PM copy

Ceremony isn’t the first app to try and win over the wedding photography marketplace. Wedding Party has been a quite popular option that also enables guests to share their snapshots with the bride and groom. However, Wedding Party also includes an instant messaging service, event details for guests, a gift registry, and the ability to talk to a ‘support champion’ if you have a wedding emergency – all features that Ceremony currently lacks. Oh, and Wedding Party is free.

While Wedding Party may appear to be the easy winner in this contest, take the time to try out both applications and see which works best for you. While Wedding Party has a do-it-all mentality, Ceremony focuses on photographs and videos alone. Take a closer look at both interfaces to choose what you think would be best for your special day.

(via Imaging Resource)