Morpholio Journal is a Digital Sketchbook for iOS with Tools for Photographers


Need a digital sketchbook to document your photography shots and ideas? Morpholio just launched an iOS app for you. It’s called Journal, and is a iPad sketchbook app that has special tools designed specifically for photographers.

Need to scribble some notes for a photo or contact sheet? Just load up a picture into Journal and write away. After sketching on top of the photo, the sketch will move, twist, and scale with the photo you drew it on.

Morpholio_Journal_app_01a_sketch_Anna_Pietrzak 7.14.58 AM

Morpholio_Journal_app_01b_sketch_Anna_Pietrzak 7.14.59 AM

Morpholio_Journal_app_01d_sketch_Anna_Pietrzak 7.14.59 AM

For browsing through a large collection of your sketches, Journal has a rapid fire viewing feature that lets you zip through an infinite number of sketches and photos with a touch of your finger. If you’re working on putting together a photo book, for example, you can flip through the entire thing in just seconds to find exactly what you need.

Morpholio_Journal_app_02f_Speed_Stallan_Brand 7.17.56 AM

Journal includes eight pens, brushes, and pencils to choose from, allowing you to make broad strokes for big ideas, or tiny letters and lines for writing or drawing with precision. There are also sixteen color palettes at your fingertips.


Need to make a collage with your photos? A Collage tool in Journal lets you throw your ideas together into one place, creating mixed media artworks or layouts with your images and thoughts.

Morpholio_Journal_app_04c_Collage_Liz_Ricketts 7.22.19 AM

Morpholio_Journal_app_04t_Collage_James_Duong 7.22.27 AM

If you’re the type that likes to scribble on everything you shoot, Journal offers “sophisticated technology” that helps make writing easy and legible.

Morpholio_Journal_app_01c_sketch_Anna_Pietrzak 7.25.04 AM

Morpholio_Journal_app_01f_sketch_Anna_Pietrzak 7.25.04 AM

Other features in Journal include having multiple journals, privacy via login, and easy sharing of your sketches.

If you’re interested in giving Journal a spin, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store. Basic functionality is available at no cost, but you’ll need to spend on in-app purchases for more features (e.g. all brushes, all papers, etc).