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A Day in the Life of Street Photographer John Free


Los Angeles-based street photographer John Free just published this inspiring 14-minute video in which he discusses and demonstrates his street photography mindset and technique. It offers a glimpse into a day in the life of a man who has been doing and teaching street photography for over 30 years now.

After drinking some morning and coffee at home, Free drives into the city and starts roaming the sidewalks (the picture-making starts at about 3.5 minutes into the video). As he walks, Free shares a photographer’s quote that has inspired him:

“The more I learned to photograph, the more I realized how unimportant it was where you photograph. It doesn’t really matter where you photograph,” he says.


If you’re at all interested in the subject of street photography, give the video above a watch: Free’s passion for life and photography are infectious.

You can also find a collection of his street photography work over on his website.

(via John Free via Reddit)

P.S. Back in August 2013, Free shared a popular video in which he gives no-BS advice on how to improve at street photography.