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Canon’s Humorous ‘Never Again’ Ads Show Why You Should Print Your Photos



Canon has launched a lighthearted new advertising campaign for its PIXMA line of printers. Titled “Never Again,” the series of short 30-second advertisements imagine disastrous moments in life when printing out a photo or document could have saved a person from a lifetime of mental trauma and regret.

This spot, dubbed “Touchdown,” tells the story of a mother who regrets sharing her DSLR with her son and his friend. “Sharing that game-changing photo shouldn’t have life-changing consequences,” Canon says:

This one is titled “Daughter.” “Don’t have any photos of your children on the wall? Might want to re-think that,” Canon writes.

Here are some others in the series that aren’t related to photo printing:

“Office: Presentation? Check. Manager seeing your college spring break photos? Time to update the resume.”

“Eulogy: It’s sad when someone or something dies so unexpectedly.”

“Concert: A little crack in your screen can get you into a whole lot of trouble.”

“Map: No map; no signal; no water. You better think again before leaving for your next trip.”