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Lens Rentals Canada Closes Due to Logistical Issues



Lens Rentals Canada is calling it quits after years of being one of the prominent gear rental services serving photographers in Canada.

Owner Craig Blair — the same guy that’s behind Canon Rumorswrites that his company is closing immediately due to logistical issues and personal reasons.

“While it’s profitable, there were too many other issues with the business that didn’t make it a fun endeavor,” he says.

Blair says that he has been having more and more logistical issues with Canadian shipping carriers. Because of their unreliability, his company “has been unable to confidently ship product to and from customers [… which has] negatively impacted the high level of customer service standards expected at LRC.”

The closure will also give Blair more of an opportunity to personally reconnect with his passion for photography and to “explore the globe.”

Although LRC isn’t taking any more rental orders from here on out, existing customers who have existing orders will have their reservations fulfilled before operations wind down completely.