2 Hours of Hair and Skin Retouching in an 8-Minute Time-Lapse

High-end retoucher Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch created this 8-minute time-lapse video showing how he retouched the hair and skin in one particular portrait over the course of 2 hours and 8 minutes.

Here’s a before-and-after look at the photo, originally shot by photographer Thomas S√łnderup. A lot of retouching went into the image, but the difference is relatively subtle compared to some retouching examples you’ll see:


“Ever wonder what photo retouching really is? It’s not blurring or airbrushing skin, and there’s no magic button,” Naik says. “Half of the time, you won’t even know an image is retouched when it’s done correctly and that’s what it should be.”

“It should what a person looks like on their best day, realistic yet natural and full of visible skin texture. This is for people in the industry as well as outside of it, to bridge the gap of understanding what it’s really about amid the bad media out there.”

(via Solstice Retouch via Resource Magazine)

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