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Kolektio Helps Friends Capture Moments Together in Shared Albums


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Kolektio is an application designed to make sharing photographic moments with friends easier than it has ever been before. The app designed for Apple iOS devices (coming soon to Android) allows users to create a ‘moment’ and then contribute snapshots to it. Kolektio wants to make sure that you are never worried about losing another party photo ever again.

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Creating photo collections known as ‘moments’ allows users to take photographs together and have their results uploaded to a central pool for sharing. People can be invited to a moment to contribute or just view what they missed. When you do add someone, they can easy choose between two privacy settings to make sure only the photos they want are uploaded – that drunk photo of you dancing doesn’t have to be uploaded if you don’t want it to be seen.

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Kolektio automatically connects with your phone’s contacts to quickly find and share content with those you care about. Moments are stored in “safe European data-centers”, but if you want to store your photos locally, you can download to your device (although, a premium account is required).


The service is currently available free, but there are a few limitations. While free users can upload unlimited photographs, create unlimited moments, and share with unlimited people, they are limited to between 256 Mb and 1 Gb of collections. In addition, free users are not able to download their moments for local storage or upload their photos manually. Plans for €3 ($3) and €5 ($5) a year will be coming soon, offering up to 2GB and 5GB of collections respectively.

If Kolektio’s idea for moment sharing sounds like a great idea, we have to say that $5 a year for their ‘premium’ service isn’t much to pay. To learn more about the Kolektio app and download it for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.