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Microsoft Xim is an App That Helps You Share Your Photos Without Sharing Your Phone


Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.46

If you ever hand your phone over to family and friends with hesitance, afraid they might swipe over one photo too far when you’re trying to show them a few photos, Microsoft Research’s new app Xim might just save you from a few nerve-wracking moments.

Xim is a photo-sharing app that makes sure your friends and family see only the photos you want them to and nothing more without ever needing to pry your hands off your phone. Once installed, Xim asks for access to your images wherever they may be, be it Instagram, OneDrive or even your device’s Camera Roll. Once given permission and connected, Xim lets you pick and choose the photos you want to curate.

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Then the sharing begins, albeit not in a traditional sense. After selecting the recipients via your contact list, email or phone number, each person will receive an SMS message that leads them to your curated Xim collection. Through this method of sharing, each recipient can look through the photos at their own pace, scrolling through them and zooming in to see the details.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.47

Since the images are stored online, only the person sharing the images needs the app installed, eliminating a major barrier similar photo-sharing apps out there face. However, if the recipients do have Xim installed on their device, they can add their own photos to collections and even send in-app messages to one another.

For those worried about your photos lasting for an eternity on Microsoft’s servers, have no fear. Xim takes a page out of Snapchat’s book by setting an automatic expiration date for the photos. Additionally, you can’t go share-crazy with the app since Xim only allows you to share 50 photos at any given time.

If you’ve read enough and just want to give Xim a try, you can download it on Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and iOS App Store (the iOS version will be released soon).

(via Digital Trends)