How to Make a 35mm Pinhole Camera That Shoots Sprocket Photos


Want to play around with pinhole photography by building your own cardboard camera? Photographer Raymundo Panduro of Pixel Análogo has just released a free template for building a 35mm sprocket camera.

The camera takes about 40 minutes to built, has a focal length of 25mm, and features an aperture of f/119. You can shoot about 26-30 photos on a 36-exposure roll of film, and the photos will show the sprocket holes of the film.

First off, you can download the template here (right click and save as) or here.


You’ll need to cut the pieces in the template out of some durable card stock. Other things you’ll need are an aluminum can, a needle, black electrical tape, scissors, a glue stick, an empty 35mm film canister, and a new roll of film.


The instructions for putting everything together can be found in this 10-minute video. It’s in Spanish but you should be able to figure out the gist even if you don’t understand the narration (the YouTube player also has a translated captions feature):

Panduro recommends using ISO 400 film and a tripod to prevent camera shake. Here are a few sample shots showing what the camera can produce: