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Bundle: A Smart App That Groups and Backs Up Your Best Mobile Snaps

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There are a great number of storage options out there for your photographs, but a new app called Bundle believes they can bring something to the table that others cannot. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the service helps to easily arrange your images into ‘bundles’ and then upload them to the cloud for safe backup from both Android and iOS devices.

According to the team at Bundle, their software takes advantage of “vision technology to suggest the best photos of the bunch by focusing on duplicate images, face, and smile detection”. So, not only are bundles of similar images being created, but the app will also help you determine which photographs are the best. The application will then back your photos up to either Bundle’s cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon (coming soon).


We decided to download Bundle and give it a super quick test run, and so far, we like what we are seeing. The application automatically organizes what it believes are similar pictures into offline collections. These collections can then be saved as bundles under whatever name you chose and uploaded to the cloud.

We found that some collections were put together very well, while a few had random photos scattered all around. Bundle does claim that as you clone to use the service, the machine algorithm learns more about your preferences.

It is not difficult to see that Bundle is a direct competitor to both Apple’s iPhoto and Dropbox’s Carousel services, which offer similar abilities. Bundles you create can also be shared with friends, where they can either contribute to the set or just comment and heart items they enjoy.


Bundle is free to use and offers unlimited storage, however, your photographs will be stored in ‘normal’ resolution (800 x 533). Due to this low resolution, a free plan would only be useful for sharing photographs – not backing up your previous work. For $5 a month, you can access the same service, but with unlimited photo storage at full resolution and 5 GB of video storage (coming this summer). Bundle will also be introducing a $1 a month option, which allows users to connect their Bundle account to third party cloud services for upload.

If you are interested in checking out the Bundle app for Android and iOS, you can head to their website by clicking here.

1 Comment