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A Photography Pioneer Could Be the Face of the Next £20 Banknote



The Bank of England is looking for a historical visual artist to feature on the latest £20 note, and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) wants to make sure the winner is someone connected with photography.

A newly formed committee, comprising the bank itself and external experts, will focus on reviewing nominations from the public. The nominations will run from May 19th, 2015 to July 19th, 2015. It should be noted that anyone who was living or fictional is not eligible to be a banknote character (excluding the monarch).

The RPS — one of the world’s oldest photo societies — wants to convince the bank that a UK photographer or photographic scientist is the best fit for the note. The society recommends a few suggestions including the British inventor of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot, and two well known photographers, Sir Cecil Beaton and Julia Cameron.

“Photography has been the defining medium of the ninteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries,” says RPS director general Michael Pritchard. “[I]t’s inconceivable that a photographer or someone connected with photography would not be chosen as the face of the new £20 banknote.”

Additional details on the selection process note that the Bank of England is seeking “to celebrate individuals that have shaped British thought, innovation, leadership, values, and society.” The decision will not be based on the number of times a person has been nominated; they will instead be based on “the strength of the contribution of the nominees”. Essentially, you aren’t voting for who will be on the new £20 note, but instead nominating possibilities for the committee to discuss.

If you are interested, we recommend you head over to the Bank of England’s official website and get your nomination in today. The bank has noted that it is possible to nominate more than one individual. For those who prefer snail mail, you can also mail in your nominations using the information at the aforementioned link.

(via RPS via Amateur Photographer)

Image credits: Header photograph by Images Money