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Emissary Camera Bags Feature a Stylish Design and an Innovative Lens Cap Holder



The Emissary Series is a new line of camera bags launched today by Town 30, a product design startup based in Toronto. In addition to a sleek, sophisticated design, the bags pack a number of innovative patent-pending features, including a universal lens cap holder built into the side.


“Our goal is to make a camera bag that is stylish and versatile, allowing you to integrate your love of photography into every aspect of your life,” Town 30 says.

There will be two initial models available in green, black, and leather: the Burzin, designed for 13-inch laptops and/or smaller cameras…



…and the Cumbysis, designed for 15-inch laptops and/or larger DSLR kits.



Both bags are created out of rubber-backed, abrasion- and water-resistant nylon blend and vegetable tanned leather.

On the side of the bag is an integrated lens cap mount that can hold lens caps of most common sizes (from 37mm up to 77mm) and of any brand.


The front of the bag has a locking mechanism that’s inspired by the film-advance levers found on cameras. It lets you open your back smoothly and quickly with a single action with one hand.


Customizable pockets inside the bag allow you to store an assortment of personal and photographic things, from keys and wallets to extra memory cards and cables.

Town 30 is launching the Emissary series on Kickstarter today, where a pledge of $295 and $355 will secure a Burzin or Cumbysis (respectively) for you if/when this product does start shipping. The company is hoping to deliver the first of these bags in August 2015.