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Photog! Transforms Your Offline Pictures Folder Into a Photo Website



If you’d like to quickly create a custom photography website and are familiar with installing software through a command line interface, there’s a new free and open source program you can check out. It’s called Photog!, and is a simple photography website generator that can turn your pictures directory into a simple yet elegant photo website.

The software was created by Dutch photographer and software developer Jaap Joris Vens, who was recently looking for a way to share his photos online. He disliked services such as Flickr and 500px because he wanted to maintain control of his own data, but he did like Flickr’s “endless stream of photos” concept… so he decided to recreate it himself.

Photog! is what he ended up with. It’s a program that can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any operating system that has Perl and ImageMagick installed. You’ll need to know how to use a command line interface in order to download and install the software from the Web.


Once it’s on your computer, you simply navigate to a folder containing photos and then execute “photog.” The system will automatically sort your images by EXIF date (for the stream of photos) and generate HTML files with the shots displayed in horizontal rows.

Current features of Photog! include thumbnail generation, watermarking, album previews, intelligent updating when your photos change, infinite hierarchy with albums, and a high degree of customization.

You can find a demo of a Photog! website by checking out Vens’ personal photo site, which was generated — and is updated — using Photog!.


Vens tells us that the project is “far from finished.” He’s planning to create a graphical interface for the software because he has found that “people find the command line to be a bit intimidating.” He will also be writing a script that automatically updates your website when you add new photos to your directory.

Head on over to the Photog! website to learn more and download it for your own purposes.