Timelapse Pro is a Premium App by Triggertrap for Complex Timelapse Projects


Triggertrap has announced Timelapse Pro, a new app for its mobile camera control kits that gives time-lapse photographers more flexibility in creating complex sequences than the basic Triggertrap app.

The app opens to the door to “modular timelapse creation,” the company says. In addition to standard intervalometer functions, which trigger your camera’s shutter every X number of seconds, the app has special delay modules.


The modules allow you to choose the number of photos you’d like to capture or the amount of time you’d like your camera to shoot for. Delays let you set your camera in place and have the photos start seconds, minutes, or even hours after you leave the scene.

These modules can be given names, reordered, and deleted when they’re no longer needed.


So why would any photographer need delay modules and modular time-lapse creation? One use case Triggertrap suggests is for photographers who wish to capture a time-lapse of their plant growing in their garden. You’ll be able to specify that you only want your camera to shoot photos when its daytime, and that you want your camera to delay shooting during the night.

Another use case is capturing sunsets or sunrises. The app lets you set up your camera whenever convenient and then leave the scene, trusting that the app will take care of taking pictures at just the right time.

The downside, of course, is that you won’t have your phone with you while it’s connected to your camera gear. This won’t be a problem if you have some kind of secondary device that you use specifically with Triggertrap. The iPhone-only app also costs £4 (~$6) in the Apple App Store, and the mobile hardware kit for your camera will cost another £30 (~$45).

(via Triggertrap via DPReview)