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Heads Up: The Tablet Selfie Stick is Now a Thing



Tablet cameras are getting better and better, and more and more people are using their tablets as everyday snapshot cameras. So it only makes sense that tablets would eventually follow the smartphone into the world of selfie sticks as well.

That has now happened. You can now buy a selfie stick that has a special attachment specifically for mounting your tablet as a camera.

The quirky new device is being offered by the online store AccessoryGeeks and comes with a attachment head that wraps around your tablet and connects to the selfie stick via a standard tripod mount.


“Durable adjustable selfie stick is built strong, so your tablet or phone will be safe and secured in the air when you are taking a selfie,” the description reads.

The tablet-capable selfie stick costs $19 with free shipping.

Extendable Selfie Stick Self-Portrait Monopod Stick [AccessoryGeeks via Ubergizmo]