Zither Helps You Organize Gear, Receipts, Manuals, and Warranties


Want an easily digital way to keep track of your camera gear and all the documents associated with it? A new app called Zither wants to help. It’s a stuff organization app that was developed by Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography, so it’s optimized for things like cameras, lenses, and accessories.

The app helps you keep track of your equipment, receipts, serial numbers, owners manuals, and warranty information all in one digital place.

Every time you buy a new product, adding it to the app is simple. The first step is scanning the barcode on the box with the app to identify the item. Next, you snap a photo of the receipt and the serial number so they’re stored inside the product entry.

Zither will then automatically look up the correct owners manual for your product, giving you an easy way to reference it if you ever need to look something up.


The app also helps you keep track of your products’ warranties. It’ll show you a reminder as each warranty get close to its expiration date, allowing you to take action on necessary repairs before they’re no longer covered under warranty.


Here’s a quick demo of how the app works:

You can download Zither for free over in the iTunes App Store.