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This is How the Home Shopping Network Tried to Sell the Canon Rebel T3i Back in 2012


Here’s a humorous video showing how the Home Shopping Network tried to sell a Canon Rebel T3i package on TV back in 2012. They do get some facts about the camera and photography right, but other statements they make may cause you to chuckle (or shake your head in disbelief).

Here are some of the amazing quotes found in the video:

  • “It is [Canon’s] flagship.”
  • “What you have going to work for you in this particular camera is going to be the ‘Canon trinity’: it’s about the sensor, it’s about the lens, and it’s about the processor.”
  • “You don’t have to be a professional to have professional results. What you need is a better camera. You need faster processing speed.”
  • “Nothing can do better than this. The reviewers, the experts, the gadget gurus, the magazines, the industry has labeled the Rebel by Canon as simply supreme. I mean, that’s the word to describe it: it’s ‘supreme.'”
  • “[The 75-300mm] is going to give you those professional-looking results.”
  • “It’s a camera to have for a lifetime because you will have picture and video like you’ve never had before.”

All that for just $949.99, or 5 easy FlexPay payments of $189.99. WOW!

(via HSN via The Phoblographer)