Artist Creates 25 Life-Size Sculptures of Leica Cameras Out of Different Materials


Artist Daniel Arsham has a new exhibition at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles that consists of 25 life-sized Leica camera replicas created out of various geological materials. The sculptures reimagine some of Leica’s most famous products as “relics of a time past.”


Arsham was given access to the Leica Camera archive in order to reference the camera designs and ended up creating pieces showing the Leica III from the 1930s, CL, Digilux 2, M3, M8, and more.


The New York-based artist used a wide range of materials, including obsidian, steel, and volcanic ash. The cameras have physical “erosion” damage to further their “relic” appearance.

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Here are photos of the new works captured by photographer Cliff Gagliardo and provided to us by Arsham’s studio:

Steel Eroded Leica M8

Steel M8 Front

Steel M8 Left

Steel M8 Right

Steel M8 Top

Steel M8 Back

Steel M8 Closeup

Rose Quartz Eroded Digilux 2

Rose Quartz Digilux Front

Rose Quartz Digilux Left

Rose Quartz Digilux Right

Rose Quartz Digilux Top

Rose Quartz Digilux Back

Rose Quartz Digilux Closeup

Volcanic Ash Eroded Leica 3

Volcanic Ash Leica III Front

Volcanic Ash Leica III Left

Volcanic Ash Leica III Right

Volcanic Ash Leica III Top

Volcanic Ash Leica III Back

Volcanic Ash Leica III Closeup

Obsidian Eroded Leica CL

Obsidian Leica CL Front

Obsidian Leica CL Left

Obsidian Leica CL Right

Obsidian Leica CL Top

Obsidian Leica CL Back

Obsidian Leica CL Closeup

Head on over to the Leica Gallery in LA if you’d like to check out these sculptures for yourself.

P.S. This isn’t the first time Arsham created sculptures of cameras. We shared a previous camera sculpture series of his back in 2013 in which he recreated various models with plaster, glass, stone, and sand. The artist’s website also has a number of other camera sculptures.