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The Leatherman Tread Moves Your Multi-Tool Out of Your Camera Bag and Onto Your Wrist



Depending on the type of photography you’re involved in, a multi-tool may be one of the invaluable items found inside your camera bag. If so, Leatherman has a new product for you called the Tread. Upon first glance, the product may look like a sleek but rather ordinary metal bracelet, but look a little closer and you’ll see that it’s actually a fancy new multi-tool that puts 25 separate tools around your wrist.

The bracelet comes in the form of separate stainless steel links that can be joined together in any order you choose. Each of the pieces has two to three functional tools built in.


The 25 tools include: screwdrivers, hex drives, box wrenches, a glass breaker, a #2 square drive, a cutting hook, and a bottle opener.


There will also be a timepiece component that turns the bracelet into a watch. Designed by Leatherman and manufactured in Switzerland, the watch will feature a quartz movement and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass:


Leatherman plans to launch the Tread in April or May 2015. The stainless steel and black carbon finished versions will cost $150 and $200, respectively. In watch form, the two finishes will cost $500 and $600, respectively.