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ScanMyPhotos Can Scan Your Prints a Priority Mail Boxful at a Time



Have a ton of old prints lying around but not enough time or energy to scan them? Since 1990, Southern California-based ScanMyPhotos has helped customers scan over 250 million physical prints. As digitizing old family photos is catching on as a trend, the company’s most popular service is something it pioneered: the USPS prepaid box deal.

It’s a flat rate option for scanning large quantities of photos. Pack as many photos as you can into it, send it in, and receive digital versions of every photo.

Here’s a video produced by the United States Post Office that offers a glimpse into its relationship with ScanMyPhotos:

Each 11×8.5×5.5-inch box can hold around 1,800 physical prints (less if you choose to fill it with other photo sizes), and the service has a flat rate of $99 with free shipping and a 5-10 day turnaround time for a DVD disc with all your images (and your photos back, of course).

If you have mountains of prints lying around, there’s an even crazier package for you: for $895, the company will send you six boxes that can hold 10,800 prints.

Update: We asked the company why the bulk package actually costs more per box than the single box one. CEO Mitch Goldstone tells us,

The family generation collection has VIP faster turnaround time – front of line scanning – which make it worth the cost and much more convenient than dealing with individual orders,