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QromaScan: Digitize and Organize Prints Using Your Smartphone and Voice



QromaScan is a new photo scanning solution that’s the world’s first to pair smartphone scanning with voice commands for easy digitizing and tagging. It’s simple option for people who want to scan their collection of physical prints without having to spend time and money on high-end scanning solutions or services.

The system consists of two parts: a compact lightbox and a digital smartphone app. When it’s not in use, the easy to store QromaScan lightbox can be folded up into the size of a hardcover book.


When you’re ready to scan, the box can be opened and set up in just a matter of seconds. 12 LED lights turn on to illuminate the inside of the lightbox:


Once the lightbox is set up, you simply open up the QromaScan app on your iPhone and place the phone onto the lightbox with the camera flash pointed down. Each photo is scanned by sliding it into the view of the smartphone camera inside the lightbox and metadata for date, location, and subjects can be added to each photo through dictation.

Here’s a short video showing how the QromaScan system is used:

The correct exposure and rotation settings are adjusted for each print automatically, and the resulting files can be improved in programs like Lightroom and Apple Photos for organization and further editing.



QromaScan inventor Tony Knight is turning to Kickstarter to launch this product. A contribution of around $40 will get you a complete QromaScan system if/when it starts shipping in July 2015.