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Portraits of Hipsters Sporting Beards Made of Fuzzy Animals



As Movember, or No Shave November, or whatever you’re calling this month of bearded and mustached madness and charity, comes to a close, we’re sharing perhaps the most appropriate photo series we could find.

A set of three images captured for the razor brand Schick by photographer Troy Goodall in collaboration with animal photographer Stephen Stewart, Free Your Skin features quintessential hipsters showing off beards made of… fuzzy animals.

The series was dreamed up by the creative minds at Y&R New Zealand, and as you might imagine, it required a bit of Photoshop magic to make happen.

Each of the three portraits is, at its core, one of Goodall’s portraits of bearded models from his studio. Those portraits, along with many beard-y reference shots, were then sent over to Stewart, who captured six ferrets and nine rabbits of various colors, doing his best to match the lighting perfectly.

The final shots were then composited together by retouching studio Electric Art, who are responsible for the final product:




The compositing work is impressive, and silly, which is a great combination to end the month on. Here’s a quick video by Electric Art that shows the process from concept, to original portrait, to composite masterpiece:

To see more of Troy’s work, click here to head over to his website or show his Facebook Page some love.

(via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Images by Troy Goodall and used with permission