Portraits of Hipsters Sporting Beards Made of Fuzzy Animals

As Movember, or No Shave November, or whatever you're calling this month of bearded and mustached madness and charity, comes to a close, we're sharing perhaps the most appropriate photo series we could find.

A set of three images captured for the razor brand Schick by photographer Troy Goodall in collaboration with animal photographer Stephen Stewart, Free Your Skin features quintessential hipsters showing off beards made of... fuzzy animals.

The Singh Project: Portraits that Show the Diversity of Sikh Men

Traditional Sikh men are immediately identifiable by their characteristic beards and turbans, but that doesn't mean that each Sikh man is the same. With over 30 million Sikhs in the world, there is an incredible amount of diversity within the community, and the Singh portrait project by London-based photographers Amit and Naroop is all about highlighting the diversity of these men who all share a common faith.

How to Make a Beard-Growing Time-lapse

I recently made a timelapse of my friend shaving off his beard and walking backwards through a beautiful riverbed in Yosemite. When I flipped it around, he's walking forwards through Yosemite and growing a beard. Here's how I made it.

Will It Beard: Fun Photo Series of Random Household Items Stuck in a Man’s Beard

Here's something that'll help you start off the week with a grin (or a grimace, if you harbor an aversion to beards). Will it Beard is a fun photo experiment of sorts created by art director Pierce Thiot and his photographer wife Stacy Thiot.

They wanted to determine what household items 'will beard' -- meaning what random objects they could successfully pack into Mr. Thiot's beard -- and got a fun, viral photo series for their troubles.

Viral Stop-Motion Beard Video Shot Using Only an iPhone and Some Creativity

Here's a video that should help you transition out of work mode and into TGIF mode with more than a few chuckles along the way. It was put together by Minnesota-based photojournalist Ben Garvin using a stop-motion iPhone app, and has been making the rounds on the Internet as beard and stop-motion lovers unite to praise his efforts.

Clever Photos of Men with Hairy Beards

To make the point that Garnier Fructis' hair products are great for both women and men, advertising agency Publicis teamed up with photographers Billy & Hells for a series of creative advertising photographs.

Upon first glance, each of the photographs appear to show a tough guy with a massively long beard. However, look a little closer and you'll realize that things are not what they appeared to be.

Bizarre Portraits of People With the Back of Their Heads as Beards

Upside Down (Faces) is a bizarre portrait project by Milano, Italy-based photographer Davide Tremolada. The photos show the front and back sides of individuals digitally blended into a single head, with the backside of the head serving as a giant beard. The resulting look is quite surreal, especially if the subject already had a beard to begin with.

Portraits of Seriously Awesome Facial Hair From Battle of the Beards

When a group of facial hair aficionados got together late last year at the first inaugural Battle of the Beards in Atlanta, photographer Josh Meister took it as an opportunity not just to compete himself, but to take some portraits as well. The resulting photo series, simply titled "Beards," shows off some seriously impressive facial accoutrement.