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What Makes Photographers Click: Inspirational Moments with Iconic Photographers


Editor’s note: Some of the imagery in the video might be considered NSFW, proceed with caution.

Here’s an oldie but really goodie from Pix Channel, who put together a set of short clips of some of photography’s greatest names talking about their craft and what makes them ‘click’.

This three minute video features a short vignette from a number of well-known and respected photographers, including Ruth Bernhard, Ralph Gibson, Duane Michals, Arnold Newman, Eddie Adams, Elliott Erwitt and more.

Each of them shines for just a few seconds in the video, but in those few seconds, they often share a wonderful piece of insight and inspiration that only comes with years (and sometimes decades) of deep commitment and love for photography.

Give the quick video a watch and then let us know what it is that makes you ‘click’ in the comments down below.