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5 Top Photographers Share Advice on What it Takes to Become a Professional


In a bid to both inspire you and advertise themselves a bit, Nikon Europe gathered a group of 5 professional photographers who presented at this year’s Photokina and asked them to share their advice on what it takes to become a professional in the world of photography.

Their insights, as you might imaging, are well worth two minutes of your time.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.31.01 PM

Throughout the short video, Lucas Gilman, Ray Demski, Marcel Lämmerhirt, Corey Rich and Miss Aniela each share some lessons and tips they’ve learned throughout their careers as professional photographers in the sports, action and fashion photography fields. Damski’s advice to sports photographers struck us as particularly insightful:

When the weather gets rough or when things are really hard, that’s often the best moment to make a shot, because that’s when the athletes are fully focused and pushing their hardest. That’s when nobody else is taking a picture.

It’s easy to shoot when everything is going smooth and problems are nowhere in sight, but it’s when the going gets tough, when it’s difficult to keep your eye on the prize, that you can capture the photographs others won’t.

Give the two-minute video a watch for some wonderful inspiration and advice… You won’t regret it.

(via Picture Correct)