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Top Mobile Photographers Share Their Tips for Creating Stunning Images with a Phone


Mobile photography has gone from a convenient novelty of sorts to a full-fledged art form in its own right. And in the video above, some of the best photographers in this burgeoning form share insights into their art and tips on how to make the most of the camera in your pocket..

The video was put together by SGNL, and in it, Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards Daniel Burman and a number of other award-winning mobile photographers offer insights, show off their incredibly impressive work and share tips on how to make the most of your own mobile photography.


In just over three minutes, the video makes a great case for smartphone photography as, at the very least, a great starting point. As Burman says, most of the ‘hard work’ a camera does is already handled by your phone automatically, forcing you to focus on “light, composition and focus.” Not such a bad idea for a beginner.

Check out the video to hear from these photographers for yourself, and prepared to be amazed at some of the work they show off. Keep in mind, all of it was captured and edited using ONLY the little computer in your pocket.

(via ISO 1200)