Teens ‘Turning Their Backs on Digital’ and Flocking to Polaroid, says Impossible Project CEO


The Impossible Project CEO Creed O’Hanlon dropped quite the statement and statistic in an article on the resurgence of Polaroids by The Guardian.

“Teens,” O’Hanlon said, “[are] turning their backs on digital for something more tangible.” A fact he says is backed up by explosive growth in their sales to the 18-25 year old demographic.

How explosive? O’Hanlon tells The Guardian that, “[The Impossible Project] has seen a 75% increase in the 18-25 demographic” in the last 10 months, and doubled the volume of film sold/refurbished more than 30,000 classic Polaroid cameras in the last six… numbers he expects will double next year.


The Guardian‘s Tess Reidy also spoke with Paul Bryant, the curriculum manager for media, visual and performing arts at Wiltshire College, who says the interest in analog isn’t limited to Polaroid. Bryant, “has seen a huge increase in the number of photography students wanting to study wet processing techniques,” writes Reidy.

You can read the full article — which deals with the privacy implications of instant prints, makes the now-standard comparison to the resurrection of vinyl, and gives many a celebrity example of analog adoption — by following the link below.

Why stars love Polaroid’s retro chic: no risk of embarrassing uploads on the net [The Guardian via Tokyo Camera Style]