Stop Motion Video Captures the Metamorphosis of a Man Into His Drag Queen Persona

The transformation of Drag Queens from their day-to-day selves to their fully costumed and made-up personas has been captured before. But where photographer Leland Bobbé captured before and after images that show the transformation from man to woman in a single frame, Erica Simone wanted to show the entire process — or metamorphosis, if you will.

The resulting project is aptly titled Metamorphosis, and for part one she captured the stop-motion video above of Steven Rose — an Old Navy sales associate — transforming frame-by-frame into Detoxx Bustiáe.

“The Metamorphosis project is about celebrating transformation and self-expression,” Simone writes on Huffington Post. “How when the outside morphs, the inside follows.”


Rose’s transformation from Steven to Detoxx, maintains Simone, goes far beyond a simple change of exterior elements:

As the makeup layered, a new being emerged: one that mutated from being somewhat reserved and shy to being a fiery, sassy drag queen. The outer and inner step-by-step transformation was phenomenal to observe and capture.

To read more about Rose’s transformation or the Metamorphosis project, head over to Simone’s Huffington Post article or visit her website directly by clicking here.

(via Resource Magazine)