Photographing a Dragonfly Crawling Out of Its Larval Skin

About two weeks ago, we went fishing with our little fishing net from off of our backyard jetty. All of a sudden, we caught this strange but fierce-looking creature. Apparently this dark and mean looking beast was lurking beneath the depths of the channel that lies at the far end of our backyard. I immediately recognized it as being the larva of a dragonfly.

Stop Motion Video Captures the Metamorphosis of a Man Into His Drag Queen Persona

The transformation of Drag Queens from their day-to-day selves to their fully costumed and made-up personas has been captured before. But where photographer Leland Bobbé captured before and after images that show the transformation from man to woman in a single frame, Erica Simone wanted to show the entire process -- or metamorphosis, if you will.