Fotodiox Launches Sony E to Canon EF-Mount Adapter with 10-Stop Variable ND Filter Built-In


Fotodiox is adding a new piece of gear to its impressive lineup of adapters and accessories. It’s called the Vizelex ND Throttle, and it’s a Sony E-mount to Canon EF-mount adapter that comes with a variable ND filter that’s capable of ND2 all the way up to ND10 (10-stop difference) built right in.

Why build a variable ND filter into an adapter you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons. First off, by placing the ND filter at the back of the lens, wider lenses won’t suffer from a strange distortion that happens when a front-mounted filter is used.


Another benefit is that, when shooting with multiple lenses, the rear-mounted variable ND filter means you won’t need to have a bag full of filters for each of the filter sizes. Additionally, once you place the Vizelex ND Throttle onto your Sony E-mount camera, there’s no need to take it off, meaning your sensor is protected from the elements when switching lenses.

Below is a video by Fotodiox that explains these advantages and goes over a few more:

The adapter itself is designed in line with the rest of Fotodiox’s adapter line-up, which is to say it’s not at the top-end of the market, but it can likely take a beating and get the job done.

From the demonstration video below, the transition between the various densities is as smooth as can be, offering you a great deal of versatility.

The Vizelex ND Throttle doesn’t come without at least one flaw though. As of right now, the adapter isn’t ‘smart,’ which is to say you will lose all automated functions you would otherwise have when using a ‘smart’ adapter.

That being said, Fotodiox have said they intend to start work on a ‘smart’ version if demand is high enough, and if enough consumers request other versions, we might see more mount versions of this adapter in the future as well.

The Vizelex ND Throttle adapter is currently up for purchase for only $100 on Fotodiox’s site. They’re selling like hotcakes though, so if you’re looking to get one, you’re going to want to do it fast.