Inspiration and Advice: How to Be Happy with Your Photos

Reminiscent of the much-loved “The Gap” monologue by NPR’s Ira Glass, photographer and educator Mike Browne recently produced an inspirational video that tackles the topics of expectations, practice, and how to be happy with your photos as you continue on your photographic journey.

Almost the complete opposite approach of the controversial Scott Robert Lim clip we shared yesterday, Browne offers honest-but-kind advice for the hobbyist and enthusiast photographer who finds her or himself hounded by disappointment and unmet expectations at every turn.

And though he, too, pitches his own educational material, the vast majority of the video is simply his offering his advice on how to re-adjust your point of view and be happy with the photography you’re taking now, even as you continue striving to improve day-in and day-out.


At the end of the video, Browne sums up the 6-minute talk in three points:

  • Be honest with yourself about your abilities and skills as they are now.
  • Stop comparing your photos with the work of experienced photographers who are displaying the very pinnacle of their achievement.
  • Set tough goals, but make sure they’re appropriate for your skill level. Goals that are achievable so you feel good about yourself.

Keep these points in mind as you continue pursuing your passion for photography — be that as a hobby or with the goal of making it your full-time profession — and stay encouraged!