10 No-Nonsense Tips On How to Become a Better Photographer

If you’ve been dreaming of making photography your full-time occupation, photographer Scott Robert Lim has some no-nonsense, sugar-free advice on what it takes to become, not just a better photographer, but a great photographer who can compete in the landscape today.

The video above, a snippet from a CreativeLive course on lighting that Lim gave, is called Go Big and Go Home, and it’s a motivational kick in the pants that can just as easily depress you as fire you up — it’s up to you how you want to react to what he has to say.


Lim’s delivery isn’t going to appeal to everyone, and some of it feels a bit like a CreativeLive commercial, but if you feel like too much of the “how to make it in photography” advice out there is sugar coated, this short presentation might be for you.

(via ISO 1200)