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How to be Happy With Your Travel Photography


This 8 minute episode of Ian Wong’s Digital Darkroom series explores the thought process while taking travel photos, how to manage expectations, and the importance of taking photographs just for fun.

Wong talks about the importance of considering your audience when you are taking travel photos (or, really, any photos at all). “As any kind of creative person,” he says, “half of you wants to keep your work to yourself, so nobody can criticise it. But you also kind of want to share it – art is never really developed in isolation”.

In this age of social media when you take photographs and put them online, who are you shooting for?

Wong suggest separating your images in to those that you show publicly – on your Instagram profile for example – and those for your private collection, that you may only share with friends or family. This enables you to experiment with different styles or techniques, knowing that those shots that don’t make your public portfolio will still have an audience.

Check out the video at the top for Wong’s full musings on the topic, and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more videos that focus not on gear or technical details, but more on the craft of photography.