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Light Meter Google Glass App Allows You to Measure Light Simply by Looking Around



Here’s a new reason you might want to consider picking up a Google Glass if you’re a photographer: it can be used as a light meter.

A new app called Google Glass Light Meter is trying to pioneer a new way of metering light — with a device strapped to your face instead of held in your hand.

A new Titanium edition frame for Google Glass
A new Titanium edition frame for Google Glass

The software was developed by David Young over at LeicaLux, and was created after Young wanted a better way to overcome the challenge of exposure metering while shooting B&W with his Rolleiflex SL66.

He tried out cell phone light meter apps, but found the process of handheld light metering to be “a bit clunky.” Wanting something more intuitive and less intrusive, he decided to create the functionality for Google Glass.

Young’s Light Meter Glassware (as Glass apps are called) measures a scene’s light values using the Glass’ light sensor. To start the app, you utter the voice command “Show Measurements.”


Provide your ISO and f-stop values, and the app gives you a suggestion for what shutter speeds might be appropriate for your shot. It provides three speeds too choose from: the appropriate exposure based on calculations, and one stop above and below that speed.



Unlike a handheld meter, you’ll never need to interrupt your shot-making. The app constantly reads light and offers suggestions as you move your head and look around.

If you’re interested in getting this app on your device, head on over to the official Glassware page.

(via LeicaLux via PCWorld)