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Guy ‘Fixes’ the iPhone 6’s Protruding Camera with a Grinding Machine


Editor’s Note: Viewer discretion is advised. Apple lovers and Jony Ive might be disturbed by the content that follows. Also: RIP iPhone 6 Camera

Hate the iPhone 6’s protruding camera? Feel like it totally takes away from the entire design? Can’t stand that the phone can’t lay flat on its back? The folks at PeripateticPandas agree with you, and they have an… um… industrial fix for you.

Not satisfied with the suggestion that he ‘put a case on it,’ the video’s protagonist decides to take matters into his own hands and grind the thing down till it’s flush with the body. Pros: no more wobble when he sets it down on the table, or snagging on his pocket. Cons: we’re pretty sure that camera is toast. Worth it?

(via Gizmodo)