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Photo Throwdown Reality Show Pits Photog Against Photog in Fun Photo Challenges with a Twist



Last week we got an email from photographer Damian Battinelli that really piqued our interest. He told us that he and five of his friends had, in a moment of drunken brilliance in a Las Vegas casino, come up with a fantastic idea for a new online reality show that would pit photographer against photographer in a series of fun photo challenges with a twist.

Thus was born Photo Throwdown, a photography show that just aired the very entertaining and exciting ‘part one’ of its first episode today!

The basic premise of the show is fairly simple: two photographers battle it out to see who can handle themselves better in a given situation. But along the way they’re thrown a mini challenge and then a ‘refocus’ that changes the entire game, forcing them to think quick and adjust.

If that isn’t making complete sense yet don’t worry, because you can already see the show in action. Below, we’ve embedded the first throwdown between boudoir photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum and portrait photographer Chris Fain:

As you can see, this promises to be a fun, crazy and challenging show that will push the participants, entertain the viewers, and hopefully teach you something about thinking on your feet in the process. The winners will be picked by you, the viewer, and receive gear from one of Photo Throwdown’s sponsors like Tether Tools.

So be sure to subscribe to Photo Throwdown’s YouTube Channel or visit their website if you want to keep up with future episodes and cast your vote for the winner! Part two of Fain and Rozenbaum’s throwdown will debut next week and many more episodes will hopefully follow after that.

Oh, and don’t forget to let the Photo Throwdown crew know what you think of their new show in the comments down below.