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Exposure Now Lets You Search for and Embed People’s Photo Stories

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tumblr_nc0tc8GqQ61qzvy4do1_rawPhoto narrative platform Exposure announced two very useful features today: search and embeds. And while the former has been expected — dare we say anticipated — the latter of the two is quite a surprise.

The search feature, which lets you search by keywords and names, was created in an effort to make the Exposure world a smaller one and make beautiful stories more discoverable.

The results are displayed using a “mysterious hotness algorithm,” and while that algorithm will remain a mystery, they do offer some advice if you want to make sure your story is seen.


The embed feature, on the other hand, is one that might sound strange for a platform whose premise is displaying large, full-size photos and beautiful typography full-width in your browser, but it’s here regardless.

Below every Exposure story, in the same place where you’ll find the social buttons, you will now notice an embed option. As the GIF below shows, a simple click will pull up an overlay with the iframe code ready to roll.

Here’s an example of an embedded story:

San Francisco 2013 by Jerome Tufte on Exposure

To find out more about these changes, check out the announcement post on the Exposure blog. Or, if you’re the hands-on type, you can give the new search feature a try here or embed a story you like by following the instructions above.

1 Comment