Here’s the iPhone 6 Plus Next to the Fuji X100S. Which is the ‘Pocket Camera’ Now?


One of the big reasons held up as the “why” behind smartphone dominance is portability. It’s not just that smartphones can do so much more than take pictures, it’s also that they’re is so much smaller than a prosumer grade cameras. Well, at least they used to be.

This graphic, created together by Stu Maschwitz of Prolost with some help from Ars Technica, shows just how much that portability gap has narrowed with the rise of the Phablet.

In fact, looking at the iPhone 6 Plus and the X100S straight on, you can fit the one generation old camera onto the new Phablet and still have room to spare! Here’s another way to look at it:


Sure, the iPhone 6 Plus can do a lot more than the X100S, and it’s a whole lot thinner than any mirrorless camera out there, but the graphic goes to show both how big the computers in our pockets have gotten, and how small powerful cameras have become.

Which one is the ‘pocket camera’ now?