Google Maps is Officially Out of This World, Will Let You Explore the Moon and Mars


In honor of the Mars Curiosity Rover celebrating its second year on the martian surface, Google has released an incredible little resource into Google Maps. Now, you will be able to more thoroughly explore the surface of the moon and Mars than has ever been capable before. All from the confines of your seat.

While not nearly as immersive as Google Maps on Earth, this new resource is incredible, showing a ridiculous amount of detail and information about Earth’s own little natural satellite and the red planet that our little robot friend, Curiosity, inhabits.

To try it yourself, head on over to Google Maps. Once there, zoom out as far as you can, press the “Explore” button and you will have Mars and the moon at your fingertips. Unfortunately there’s no streetview, but with all of the craters it’s probably for the better.

(via Engadget)