iOS App Solves the Problem of ‘Overswiping’ When You Hand a Friend your Phone to Look at Photos


Admittedly, it’s a VERY first world problem, but a problem it is nonetheless: you hand your friend your phone to look at certain photos you took, and they go on a swiping spree. Immediately your mind goes into overdrive as you try desperately to snag the phone out of their grasp without looking too much like you’re hiding something.

We’ll call it ‘overswiping,’ and it’s even got its own meme. But you can save your ulcers, because a new app is making sure that overswiping is a thing of the past.

The app is appropriately dubbed Overswipe, and it’s made to be used on the fly when a friend (or maybe potential client?) asks to see your photos. Using Overswipe, there’s no awkward delay, you simply open the app, select the photos you want them to see, and hand over your phone.


That way that friend will only see the pictures of your vacation and not the embarrassing collection of bathroom mirror selfies you forgot to delete. Or, perhaps more relevant to our audience, that client will only see the few professional shots you keep on your phone just in case, and not your not-entirely-appropriate bar pictures from last night.

Just select photos, hit display, and hand over your phone. The app does the rest. And if you’re really worried that they’ll exit Overswipe and open up your regular photos app (paranoid much?) you can actually implement a passcode.


Introduced originally in April, the app is totally free on the iTunes app store. To find out more or download it and save yourself some anxiety, click here.

(via TechCrunch)