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Shootlr Lets You Request Live Photos from Others



Shootlr is a new iOS and Android app that turns selfies and photo taking into a social experience that you do with friends and family. Instead of shooting and sharing selfies and snaps yourself, you can use the app to request pictures from others.

Here’s how it works: load up the app, and look through the contact list you’ve built up. To see what a friend is up to, select that user, choose which camera you want them to use (front, back, or both), and give them a countdown timer.


That friend will receive a notification with your photo request. When they open the app, the timer starts. When it’s up, the camera is triggered, and the resulting photo is sent back to you. If it’s not a good time for the friend, they can dismiss the notification and ignore your request.


Your timeline is therefore a history of photos that you’ve requested through other people’s cameras.


“No posed Instaphoto’s anymore,” the company writes. “Shootlr is what is happening now and that is what you see!”

To try Shootlr for yourself, you can download the free app from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play.

(via Shootlr via TechCrunch)