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Hoya EVO Antistatic Filters Help Keep Dust Off Your Glass and Out of Your Shots



Sick of wiping and blowing dust off your lens filter? Check out Hoya’s new line of EVO Antistatic lens filters, which actively repel dust particles to keep them from sticking to the glass.

The image above is a side-by-side comparison showing what happens when an EVO filter and an ordinary filter are placed into a container with static-y packing materials. The charged pieces stick onto the lens filter on the right, but ignore the EVO filter on the left.

Each filter features a new antistatic coating developed by Hoya engineers that acts as a “force field” around the filter to keep dust from clinging. For photographers working in dusty and dirty environments, these filters should greatly cut down on how often you need to wipe down the front of your lenses.

In addition to being static-resistant, the filters are also water repellant (drops bead up on the surface instead of clinging), stain resistant, scratch resistant, and can be easily wiped of smudges and fingerprints.


Hoya also claims that the filters have an excellent 99.8% light transmission rate, which helps make the filter “invisible” to your final shots.

The EVO line is available in Protector, UV, and Circular Polarizer models in sizes ranging from 37mm to 82mm. They’re available through various photo gear retailers starting at $28 (for a 49mm UV filter).