Google Now Passive-Aggressively Calls Out Flash Websites & Portfolios in Search Results


Just a few years ago, Flash websites were all the rage. Now, Flash is a dying technology due to its inefficiency across the board. But, despite being less relevant than ever and incompatible amongst a plethora of devices and platforms, some photographers still insist on having a flash website to show off their work.

Thus, in an effort to ensure that the use of outdated technologies is diminished, Google is now passive-aggressively calling out Flash websites before visitors even click on the link.

The search giant is using their usual set of algorithms to now determine whether or not a website is supported by your device. If it is, your search results will be displayed as normal. If not, you will see the text, as shown in the example, above.

The reasoning for this is multi-faceted, so I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details. But overall, it’s good news for those who often come across pages that end up blank or rendering awkwardly due to the use of outdated web technologies.

(via Google Webmaster Blog)